Stop thinking You Can Get Results Without Working out or Eating Healthy/properly.

Stop thinking You Can Get Results Without Working out or Eating Healthy/properly.

There is so much stuff out there that tells you information other than what’s in the title.


“If you drink this, you’ll lose weight.”


“If you just eat this, you’ll build muscle.”


“If you do this, you’ll feel better.”


“Do you want to lose weight without going to the gym or dieting?”


They are all lies and exaggerations.


But the reason why they get people's attention is that people have become lazy.


They want the easy way out.


Imagine if you were told that you could get all the results and more for just half the work or even less.


Sure, you’d want to jump on that right away.


But the issue is it just isn’t true.


There is no way around doing the work that matters.


That means being in a caloric deficit to lose weight.


Putting in the hours to see muscle growth.


Learning how to properly add nutrition to your eating regimen to feel better.


And understanding that you might have to diet sometimes to lose weight.


Anyone or anything else that tells you otherwise is a lie.


Our bodies are designed this way.


We have to put our muscles through stress for them to grow


We need to eat healthy for our bodies to build immunity and become strong.


We have to be in a caloric deficit (most of the time anyway) for us to lose weight.


These are the basics for what you need to be doing to see results.


And the only way it will come to you is if you move and start taking action


The funny thing is, you don’t need to know all the answers.


You don’t even need to know a lot of them.


Just start moving and exercising and choose healthy foods.


But what exercises should I do? or what should I do first.


Just start with something.


You can ask friends, go on YouTube, or find professionals like me and get answers.


But just move in a direction that will cause you to start progressing.


Just start doing what you know, and you’ll find out more through the things you start doing.


Just don’t ever think that you can achieve results by not doing any of the work with nutrition and exercise.


Because if you are, then you’re going to be waiting for a very long time.

Disclaimer: Adam is not a doctor nor a nutritionist. This is all from the experience Adam has gained through himself and through schooling. Through his videos, Adam shares his personal and educational experience that he has acquired over the past years of training individuals through fitness and nutrition. Adam would strongly recommend you see your physician before starting or completing any exercise program. You should be in good physical condition to participate in the exercises which are why consulting your physician would be recommended.


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