There is no overnight sensation

There is no overnight sensation

One thing I’ve realized when wanting to grow in anything


Is that there is no overnight sensation


Ok, let me correct that.


It's very very rare.


And even when this happens


The fame generally leaves not too long after


You might have gotten some fans to stick around


Maybe even scored a few promotions


But soon after that if you don’t have any real value to bring


You're forgotten.


So thinking that it takes just one video or one comment or just one thing to get big,


Isn’t the right way to go about thinking you’ll see the success you want to see.


You are one decision away from reaching your goals


But that’s not the same thing as just hoping something will happen with no work.


After hours and time has been put in and decision after decision has been made on your continued work,


Eventually, you hit one big win after the thousands of choices you have had to make over the months or years,


And sometimes people take this as someone just being an overnight sensation but it's not the case, almost ever.


Remember that yodeling kid from Walmart.


Mason Ramsey,


His video of him singing Hank Williams lovesick blues in Walmart went so viral in march 2018,


That he ended up signing to a record label, performed at Coachella and since then released an album while starring,


In the angry bird's movie as a voice actor.


Pretty cool to think where his career went after that simple video that went viral.


What people don’t realize is that he was already singing for several years before that.


Now I know he was only 14 years old as of present-day which means he hadn’t been singing as long,


As some other people within the same genre.

But that’s the nature of the beast when it comes to viral videos.


People love it and he took off.


But he had already been putting in work from before.


Another example is Justin Bieber.


He had a good voice and was singing since he was before 12.


Professionally he started I believe around 15.


But it was something he was already doing from before.


He became popular in the music industry very fast but again, it wasn’t just an overnight sensation.


You can even look at companies such as dropbox.


The founder drew Houston had been working on it for some time.


He was eventually sought out by apple and sat down with Steve Jobs who was his idol.


For whatever reason, Drew Houston turned it down but went on to be successful anyways.


Facebook was originally called Facemash lol.


A lot of people know Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook or mash in university.


But what some people don’t know is that it took him 9 years to cultivate it.


It wasn’t done in a short period of time as some people think.


The mobile game company Rovio that famously released angry birds had previously released 51 failed mobile games.


Angry birds were their 52nd game and if it had not gone well, they were ready to file for bankruptcy.


Lucky for them not only did it take off, but it also becomes the biggest mobile game ever.


If there is one overnight sensation that, I think was LEGITIMATELY an overnight sensation,


That was William Hung.


Remember him? The guy who went on season 3 of American Idol and performed Ricky Martins song,


She bangs,


Where he went on stage and had his little dance routine with his singing.


Well, he went as viral could take you back in 2002.


He had no singing experience at all.


He just decided to go on and give it a shot.


He was studying something completely different as he was in university to become a civil engineer.


He appeared on many talk shows, featured on every entertainment channel, and more.


He even got his teeth fixed for free from a dentist.


But he had 0 experience in singing. He just liked to sing every now and then but was far from a singer.


He had never taken any singing lessons in the past and just wasn’t anywhere near what you’d call a singer.


But not too long after he seemed to fade away.


He didn’t really make anything of his viral fame that struck him so suddenly.


And he kind of drifted off into the limelight.


But even though he was forgotten he still managed to somewhat leverage his fame.


In the present day, he’s a motivational speaker and helps people to leverage their own talent.


I have no idea how he came about doing this but hes worked with businesses and even given a TEDx talk as well.


He dedicates his time to helping people finding their own version of success and finding happiness.


Good on him.


But he’s pretty much what I can think of when it comes to an overnight success.


And there's a reason why it's so rare.


Because people don’t see the work that is put in before they are actually famous or become viral.


And even after you go viral, sure you can leverage it to your advantage but if you don’t have value to offer


You could fade away.


So, the idea overnight sensation can happen shouldn’t be used to measure success.


It’s the hours that are put into your craft that will get your goals.


And everyone's success is different.


If you have actually spent time and money on working towards what you currently think you want at this moment.


You might come to realize that can change over time as well




Because it’s a process that doesn’t happen overnight.


And just to say that you want money is a very generic thing that generally someone says who hasn’t,


Really thought about what they wanted or had the chance to experience different things that could,


Make them more full-filled or happy.


Don’t get me wrong, I like money too and it's very much needed.


The more the better.


But that’s only one aspect of a person’s entirety since we can all be multi-fulfillment-driven machines.


Which is a good thing.


But just don’t ever bank on the fact that those will be acquired or created with an overnight success.

Speaking of work and success, what are some things any of you guys are working towards. What do you envision for yourself to accomplish? I know everyone has something they want to achieve for themselves.

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