Why you should incorporate a nighttime routine to relax

Why you should incorporate a nighttime routine to relax

A lot of people today are preoccupied with something


Whether it’s work


or family life


side projects or hustles.


There is a lot that people tend to be putting their minds through


Which raises stress levels.


This is why it's important to have a nighttime routine to destress.


A morning routine is just important which I wrote about in one of my other blogs.


But I feel as though not enough people wind down at nighttime.


Ad I’m not talking about scrolling through your phone on Instagram or Tik Tok.


There are other means of relaxing that you could be doing to help destress yourself


And hello to allow for better sleep


The thing is if you go to bed with things from your day still occupying your mind


It's going to be very hard for you to relax and recharge for the next day


And I know what you're saying


That’s easier said than done


And you're right


But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t develop a routine to help you unwind.


I also understand that everyone's schedule is different.


Some people work a 9-5 and go home and relax.


And other work until late at night such as myself because of businesses or side hustles they have.


But whatever the case maybe you still should try to relax.


And just because someone gets off at 5 or 6 and gets home doesn’t mean they can take a break.


You never know what they could be going through in their life.


Could be marital problems,


Financial issues,

Maybe they're having problems with children acting out behaviorally,


Some people have trouble leaving their work at their work with them.


Maybe if you’re a nurse or a psychiatrist or therapist you can possibly sometimes get attached,


To your clients emotionally as your helping them.


You try not to but it's not always that simple.


Were human and we all can relate.


So really there are a lot of different underlying factors to someone’s stress and why it happens.


But none the less, therefore having a routine is important so you can do your best,


To get your own downtime and sleep.


So you can prepare yourself to fight some more demons the next day.


A few things that you can do to help with a nighttime routine is



1 – Try not to bring your work home with you


Now I’m sure you know this and as we said already its easier said than done


But you should start to just try and really understand to leave it.


I’m not saying this must be every single day.


I get that you may be a busy person and to complete some of your tasks on time,


You need to work some extra hours.


But you know yourself there are times where you shouldn’t be dealing with any more work,


Related issues.


Especially if you’re in the health industry of any sort.


There is nothing more you can do for that client or that person now that you have left.


Leave it for the next day.


You have to free up space in your mind so relax and feel sane.


And if you keep occupying it with the people when you should be relaxing,


You’ll just burn yourself out for the next day and in turn, won’t be fully optimized to being able to help them.


When your home, focus on yourself so you can be strong for the next day.


2 – read


Reading can be a good way to unwind.


But its generally better to read something better or easy to understand so you don’t,


Have to process so much.


But if you are really interested in a certain genre then that’s fine as well, especially if you are into a certain story.


It can help take the edge off and allow you to get into a more relaxed mode before you hit the sack.



3 – workout


Now I know some people might disagree with me but working out will in turn in the long run,


Help you feel better and more relaxed.


You’ve had a long day of work and thinking about going to live some weights or do some cardio,


Is not something you had in mind because you just want to relax.


But exercise not only makes you stronger and increases energy levels over time,


But it also releases good endorphins,


These endorphins in a nutshell make you feel good and can help give a calming feeling for later in the night.


Weightlifting or cardio is good for this or even combining both together.


But this is one I would suggest if you can’t work out earlier on in the day.



4 – watch tv or Netflix


Watching something on tv is one of the better things to do.


It's just mind-numbing and easy


You sit and watch and relax


Sometimes people fall asleep to it as well.


Preferably watching something funny is good because it puts you in a good mood


When you’re in a better or good mood it's easier to relax the mind



5 – meditating


A lot of people won’t try or do this one because it's generally uncommon.


It’s becoming more of common practice and accepted into western culture,


 but it’s another good way to relax the mind.


How you can go about meditating is a different story.


There are a few ways to do it.


And you also can’t just jump into it if your mind is cluttered with many thoughts


Because then you can’t just shut off.


You need to get into a relaxed state first and then once you feel more lax


You can close your eyes and meditate.


It might take a little time for you to adjust to this


But it has good benefits if you’re willing to jump out of your comfort zone


And try something different.



5 – audio


Listening to some audio is good to do as well


Whether it may be a documentary or music,


This can help you relax and get your mind into a calm state.




There are many different things you can do when putting together a night routine.


You can really build it any way you want, and it will change over time.


But the most important thing to try and do is,


While you’re doing any of these things or other ones you may find yourself,


To keep your mind off things from earlier in the day.


Whether it works, or if something bad happened at work, or negative things that occurred,


Or any other form of stress that puts your mind somewhere where it shouldn’t be,


To try and stay away from that and focus on more of a positive note and relax.


Whether that’s for the next 3 hours or half-hour, it matters and goes a long way.


I usually call it anywhere between 10:30 to 11:30 at night.


Then ill walk the dog, come back and grab something light to eat, and watch an anime show im currently on.


I'll then write down goals I have for the next week or month or whatever I am working on and ill head for bed.


This tends to change every now and then but for the most part, has stayed the same.


It might take you some time to adjust or find something that works,


But what I have realized dis the older we get and more responsibility we put on ourselves,


And life circumstances we get put through,


It's important to give yourself the time you need when you need it.


Believe me, I’m all for work and making progress in life and growing and becoming better.


For me, it's 80-90% work and the rest play/relax.


But when I relax, I really use the time to wind down and actually relax.

Disclaimer: Adam is not a doctor nor a nutritionist. This is all from the experience Adam has gained through himself and through schooling. Through his videos, Adam shares his personal and educational experience that he has acquired over the past years of training individuals through fitness and nutrition. Adam would strongly recommend you see your physician before starting or completing any exercise program. You should be in good physical condition to participate in the exercises which are why consulting your physician would be recommended.


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