Best Foods to Eat to Stay Full While Dieting

Best Foods to Eat to Stay Full While Dieting

So, when it comes to weight loss, a lot of people still think they need to starve themselves to lose weight or that when they are in a calorie deficit there is no means to stay full.


While that is only half true, there are things you can do to stay full while you are on your weight loss journey.


Having low-calorie-dense meals will almost always contribute to you being able to now just lose weight but also feel full while doing so.


Now there might be times, if done right then it won’t be too often, that your appetite might kick in and you start to get some hunger cravings. But even then, if you supply your hunger cravings with low-calorie dense foods you should still be in a calorie deficit and still get weight loss.


Calculating your calories and having a good idea of what you should roughly be eating every day is key as well and should never be taken for granted. It gets you to understand what your eating regimen looks like, how many calories you have been eating and been in-taking (this one generally surprises people as realize they are eating more than they think) and gives you a good understanding or idea of how many calories are in what foods.


The idea of starving yourself is long gone and if you still feel as though this is the case for you then you’re not up to date on the latest when it comes to losing weight. You don’t need to feel as though you aren’t eating enough to feel full and lose weight.


Now one thing I want to point out, there is a correlation and overlap but also differences between eating healthy and also eating low-calorie dense meals.  


There are some low-calorie foods that some people would deem “not healthy” but are just other means of food choices. You shouldn’t have to feel as though you want to stay away from them if they are a low-calorie dense meal.


However, again these tie into what I was saying above as well. If you are someone who doesn’t get any exercise at all and hasn’t done anything ever, has a higher body fat percentage, and is someone who needs to decrease their visceral fat then I would suggest further implementing more nutrient-filled food like vegetables that are rich in source of micronutrients. Getting used to eating healthily is going to be imperative to not only losing weight but also feeling better and sustaining the weight loss.


So low-calorie foods are great for weight loss but nutrition matters and having your traditional healthy foods such as vegetables and grains and other such foods should be done. And if you are someone who has never had a proper eating regimen and who has never eaten healthy at all, then I implore you to start adding these foods into your dietary palette to get used to eating in a healthier aspect to help give your body the nutrition it has been being starved from for your life.


You should and need to start intaking healthier food choices to feed your body what it has been lacking, especially if you are someone with a higher visceral body fat percentage.


But aside from that, there are low-calorie food choices that taste good and don’t necessarily need to be just vegetables. There’s a whole wide variety of choices out there and I’m going to list some of them below.


I have split them up into two groups with one being your more traditional fresh foods and the other being your not-so-traditional choices that are still low-calorie choices you can make.






Bok choy

Kidney beans


Romain lettuce

Extra-lean beef





Shirataki 0-calorie noodles

Ocean spray low-calorie juice

Josephs lavish wraps

Black diamond low-calorie cheese

Breaktime chocolate chip cookies

Cashew milk unsweetened

Soy milk unsweetened

Miracle rye bread light

Miracle whip light

Walden Farms thick and spicy BBQ sauce


These are just a few of what I give my clients when it comes to choices of different foods they can have while eating to lose weight and become healthier.


So, the choices are out there. You still have to watch your caloric intake but some of the food choices you have above, make it easier and more fun for you to lose weight and enjoy what you are putting in your body and also give a healthier alternative as well.


Disclaimer: Adam is not a doctor nor a nutritionist. This is all from the experience Adam has gained through himself and schooling. Through his videos, Adam shares his personal and educational experience that he has acquired over the past years of training individuals through fitness and nutrition. Adam would strongly recommend you see your physician before starting or completing any exercise program. You should be in good physical condition to participate in the exercises which is why consulting your physician would be recommended.


As always, I strive to help as much as I can by bringing you fitness education through means of all my social media platforms. My passion for fitness guides me to give people the help they need in whatever way I can. If you have been able to find the information I release helpful then I’m happy I was able to serve you.

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