Do Your Hormones Really Control Your Weight Loss?

Do Your Hormones Really Control Your Weight Loss?

Your hormones are very important when it comes to the functioning of your body, along with many other things your body does.


Some major hormones such as insulin, ghrelin, and more. These play roles in things such as regulating glucose in your system, controlling your thyroid, controlling hunger and stimulating appetite, etc. And again, I want to make clear that these help one another and work together to help the body function properly.


But unless there is a specific problem that is found at birth or later on thorough medical examination, you will not just have weight gain randomly through hormonal issues because everything stems from what you eat as the nutrients and the total caloric intake drives the functions of these hormones.


Even if there are issues with certain hormones, it still comes down to what you eat to justify your weight gain. Because the food you input into your system will control the hormone responses that happen in your body.


But it all comes back to the calories you eat and how much you eat over time. that’s literally what it boils down to. If you do have hormonal issues it generally tends to come back to either the nutrition regarding the food, you eat or your weight which both tie back to eating a nutritionally healthy diet.


Even someone with a thyroid issue that may potentially have a bit of a harder time dropping the calories will still lose weight. It still boils back down to you getting onto a proper eating regimen and making healthier choices.


Now can someone still eat certain foods they love and lose weight? Of course, they can. But through my experience, not every person can have certain foods and stay within a caloric deficit without binge eating again. Some people can but not everyone can do that right at the start.


Some people don’t have a healthy palette and need to learn how to make proper health choices. This sometimes tends to be a bit harder because they have been used to eating certain foods for a good portion of their life. Well if you are having health issues and need to lose weight then this especially applies to you as you would need to start making healthier choices.


But all in all, ultimately your hormones do control your weight loss BUT they are completely guided by the calories you eat and the ones you excrete. Calories in versus calories out.