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Customized fitness plan designed for you.

Everyone's body is built differently. We specialize in building customized fitness plans designed only for you and your body.

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This is not your usual fitness programs, We provide a fully custom approach towards your fitness journey for we believe that everyone has varied fitness goals and needs. This includes a customized diet that you will still enjoy and a training schedule that fits your busy schedule. Delivered by a certified trainer that will teach you how to create an amazing physical transformation as well as help create sustainable habits that will benefit all areas of your life.

Body Mechanics

  • Master how to properly execute techniques.
  • Learn different variations to hit every angle of your muscles.
  • Understand how to control your body and engage each muscle to the best of your ability.


  • Learn how much you should eat and what you should put in your body.
  • Grow in your nutritional knowledge and understand how many calories you should be intaking.
  • Love what you eat while reaching your goals.


  • Develop a growth mindset to help you achieve anything in life.
  • Build consistency into your schedule to help you meet your goals.
  • Understanding that you can do whatever you set your mind to.
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The Results Speak Louder than Words!

This is your opportunity to become your own success story.

“When I wanted to quit, Adam helped push me to meet my goals.”

Jon, Lost 25 kg
in 6 months

"While training with Adam I learned so much that it has shaped my lifestyle."

Cameron, Lost 19 kg
in 7 months

“Adam helped me push past what I thought was my limit.”

Danny, Lost 20kg
in 6 months

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No more "one-size fits all" workouts, just a custom plan.

Your friend’s weight loss journey will be completely different from yours. So, can you both have the same fitness plan? No! This is where our personal trainer and nutrition coach come in to play.

We will customize weight loss plans after assessing your body needs. To know more about our work and how we can help you, click the red button below.

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Meet Your Trainer

Adam Zomparelli

Adam Zomparelli is an experienced certified health coach, nutritionist, weight loss specialist, and body mechanics specialist with over 15 years of certified personal training experience of helping people meet their body goals. His approach to training is helping educate his clients around proper form, how to effectively engage muscles and how to become nutritionally and physically stronger and smarter.

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