Barrie In-Person Personal Training

My new Gym Facility coming soon!

For All Barrie Residents!

I'm excited to announce my brand new premium training facility in my garage, which will be completed in the upcoming couple of months.

Where You Will Be Training

  • Picture, a 525 square foot space with high ceilings,
  • equipped with hard premium rubber flooring.
  • completely finished and painted walls.
  • 4 pieces of different workout machinery that will allow you to complete more than 25 exercises.
  • And functional training equipment such as kettlebells and slam balls. And this space is all to yourself.
  • No one else to bother your training regimen or take your machine when your working out. Its just you and me, working towards the goals you want to achieve.


How long My Sessions Are

  • Each gym session is 1 hour long.
  • Depending on where your fitness level are, will depict on what exercises are going to be done.
  • Not everyone is at the same level of fitness nor does everyone start off at the same level as well. This is why I am here.
  • Not only to ensure you get results but also to hold you accountable and make sure you not only learn how to exercise properly but you gain results while doing it. 


Personalize Plans

A plan is always needed to build success. This is where my 15 years of expertise come in. After our initial consultation I develop a systematic physical and nutritional plan that will get you results. Every month to a month and half, I will upgrade your workout plan which will allow you to keep seeing results and keep creating progressive overload.

I also evaluate your nutrition and dissect your eating habits. I break down how many calories you are generally intaking and give you a very easy nutritional plan to follow. And don't worry, its not just broccoli and chicken. that way of thinking is outdated and just wrong. Looking at your eating patterns and how much you eat is crucial and is going o be the backbone of success when it comes to how much weight you lose or muscle you gain.


Next Steps For You To Take

  • So while this facility's lasts touches are being put together I am opening up more training space before then as I now have some open spots available for training.
  • If you are serious about personal training and have wanted to finally get into the best shape of your life, now is the time because as my facility is finished my price point will be increasing.
  • But if you call now book a consultation and we manage to be a good fit. I will honor my current price even when my gym is completed.
  • But spots till up fast and I only do have a limited amount available as I still have a number of clients I service and only allocate a number of training hours during the week. 
  • So if you are serious about wanting to change your life for the better then fill out the form below and let's get started!

Below is a map of the area which leads towards my house to give you an idea of where I am located in Barrie!