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I was a client at Wynn Fitness where I was introduce to Adam as my trainer to start my journey in achieving my goals. Adam training skills was very professional and he knew his stuff. Adam understood what my goals were which was toning certain areas of my body, Adam also had strong people skills e.g. empowering me, encouraging me that I can achieve because I was a little doubtful if I would reach my goals. Adam also focused on my meal plan making sure I fully understood the importance of diet which goes hand in hand with achieving what I want. I had a great experience with Adam and I still follow the diet plan that he gave me and my squats are easier and my sit ups I am more flexible. It takes a pro line Adam to achieve what you want in exercise and healthy eating.

Lavern Sutherland

Adam's Client for 8 months

My name is Luca Rendace and I was one of Adam Zomparelli’s clients from 2018-2019. Prior to meeting with Adam, I tore my meniscus in my right knee, accompanied by a pulled hamstring, a pulled quadricep, and bone bruises. It was a very tough injury and at the beginning I wasn’t sure how I could fully recover from something of that severity. After the first few weeks with Adam, I knew 110% that it was all going to work out. The training sessions I did with him were some of the best workouts I have ever done. Not only because of the variety of exercises and how effective they were in my recovery process, but also the personal relationship I’ve made with him. He was always motivating me, pushing me to the best of my ability and made every session enjoyable and fun which kept me motivated to keep pushing and continue the recovery process no matter how tough it got. Today, I am feeling 100% and I can now run, jump, play the sports I love, and most importantly, go about my daily life without any obstacles from this injury.

Luca Rendace

Adam's Client for 1.5 years

Thanks a lot for being an awesome trainer. You always took the time to show me new ways to work my muscles as well as awesome diet plans. You’re the first trainer I ever had and you whopped my ass in the gym every time.

Vaughn Simon

Adam's Client for 1 Years

Wonderful experience with Adam. Helped me create an amazing meal plan and workouts to do on my own. Truly appreciate it.

Daphne H

Adam's Client for 3 months

I had Adam as a trainer for a period of time. I was recovering from various injuries during my period with him. He tailored my routine to assist in stretching the areas that were injured along with not causing further injury. He was punctual, knowledgeable and great personality. He gets the best out of you without been boisterous. I would recommend Adam to another person.

Dwight Maxwell

Adam's Client for 6 Months

Adam worked with me to help strengthen my body from some past injuries that were holding my fitness back. Not only did Adam find the root of the problem, he worked hard to make sure that I was able to achieve my fitness goals doing it. He was consistently on time, passionate and was very knowledgeable about what he was teaching and demonstrating. I’d high recommend Adam any and all therapy and fitness needs.

Gabriele Battista

Adam's Client for 1 year

I enjoyed my training sessions with you at Wynn fitness. I was a little bit nervous when l started working with you. You created the perfect balance of pushing me when l could handle more and just the right amount of challenge on the days when l was not so strong. I always felt good after our sessions and it also helped me to push myself more on the days that l worked out on my own. Still love the stairmaster and the ropes. You also helped me with proper form which l still use for my pushups and lunges. Thanks for being an amazing trainer and friend

Khathazile Moyo

Adam's Client for 2 Years

When I first met Adam, I got a quick sense that he knew what he was doing, and he did! I instantly felt that I could trust in him to help me meet my fitness goals, from day one. He was very professional, friendly, made me feel comfortable, and discussed a plan with me after listening to what I wanted, what my current habits were, and getting a sense of where I am physically and mentally. During my training sessions with Adam, I discovered that he is not only knowledgeable and has goals beyond personal training, but is also very honest and transparent about the reality of expectation, actions, and results. This really helped me gain perspective and set my goals. He also guided me on the role of nutrition in fitness, proper and safe form and technique for all exercises, different types/focuses of training and the results they can achieve. Adam is always motivating, and as I quickly developed a relationship with him, it felt almost like training with a friend who knows that you can do more than you think, and will not hesitate to give you that push because they are there to catch you if you need them. With his guidance and support, I was able to achieve my goals and he provided me with tools to maintain my accomplishment for years to come. Adam is amazing at what he does. He cares, he invests, and he is able to work with a diverse range of clients with a variety of goals, from building healthy lifestyle habits to body building. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a passionate, effective, and collaborative personal trainer. Thank you Adam, for setting me up to succeed!

Anjalee J-Raymond

Adam's Client for 2.5 Months

Adam was my previous trainer at wynn fitness he taught me exactly what parts of my body I needed to workout and what I needed to eat to help with the position I played in football. Also when I got injured he helped me out with my physiotherapy and I was able to recover quickly.

Khaleel Ali

Adam's Client for 6 Months

Been training with Adam for about 6 months and I’m very happy with my results. Adam is very knowledgeable, patient, and fun to train and learn from. He found solutions to adjust his schedule so he can match my insanely tight schedule. He was actually the trainer I wanted to train me in the beginning but couldn’t get him scheduled in because he was overbooked with clients so when I finally got my slot in I was very pleased and was not disappointed.

Kyle Gene

Adam's Client for 6 Months

You have been an amazing trainer. Training with you has been a good learning as well as a super fun experience. You helped me understand how important posture is when you are working out. I have been doing a lot of exercises the wrong way till you corrected my posture and it has worked wonders. The other important thing you taught me was how to focus on my target muscle to get maximum results and that has helped me to get more out of my exercise. Thank you for all your super helpful insight, inspiration and advice. I wish you luck. Keep helping people.

Harsimarjit Singh

Adam's Client for 1 Year

I trained with Adam for a little over a year. When I met him I was dealing with a shoulder injury and couldn’t lift anything heavy. Not only did Adam help me in my recovery but also got me back to where I was prior to the injury. He gave me a great understanding of what I needed to do in order to achieve my goals, whether it was nutrition or how I went about my workouts. The period that he was my trainer I noticed big results not only in my physical appearance, but the desire to keep pushing forward. I would recommend him to anybody.

Mario Benvenuto

Adam's Client for 1 Year

Adam was very helpful when I started out in the gym. He went over meal plans, supplements, and showed the proper way to perform each exercise. On top of that, he was friendly and very knowledgeable. It was a great experience having him as a fitness trainer.

Kyle Saulnier

Adam's Client for 1 Year

I just wanted help losing weight and I had several trainers before Adam and a few of them were good as they would teach me how to properly exercise and give me a meal plan and exercise plan with that. But I felt like I could never lose the weight I wanted. Part of it was my fault to as I should have listened more. Well with Adam he held me accountable and his expertise in nutrition and workout out showed that much more. You could see the plans for my nutrition and workouts were that much better. Adam definitely helped me reach my goals and educated me along the way so I can have this knowledge forever.

Franka Devela

Adam's Client for 2 Years

Training with Adam was not only fun but eye opening. I let my body over 10 years become something I wasn't happy about and at the age of 43 I decided to make a change for myself. I wanted to not just lose 20lbs but become stronger and also healthier. I accomplished that and more. But the most important thing was the knowledge I got after training with Adam. Was a great investment.

Lucas Squala

Adam's Client for for 1 Year

I wanted to lose 15lbs but also gain muscle. I lost 20lbs and became stronger and more toned as well. Training with Adam was fun but intense which is how I enjoy to train. And his knowledge was top-tier as every month things were switched up and made challenging. I Would recommend him to anyone.

Malei Sayegh

Adam's Client for 6 Months

I wanted someone who wasn't just going to hold me accountable for my own actions but also someone who had experience under their belt. Adam ended up being the perfect choice and I’m glad I went with him. His knowledge on movement and also weight loss was superb and was exactly what I was looking for. All I did was listen and was able to drop 12lbs and lean out. He was also a pleasure to talk with and always had a way to boost your confidence to bring out the better side of you. It was a pleasure working with Adam.

Stacey Harkem

Adam's Client for 4 Months

I've trained with Adam several times and, every time I'm never disappointed. He's easy to get along with and genuinely cares about your fitness goals. My goal was to lose weight, I went from 295 to 200 with Adam's help. Adam is patent when introducing a new workout and, pushes you to reach your max potential. I strongly recommend Adam if you're looking for personal training

Jonathan Melendez

Adam's Client for 10 months

I have been going to adam for about a year. I came to him being out of shape wanting to improve my life and physicals attributes. he went above and beyond what other trainers have done in the past for me. I have 5 different trainers in my life as having a proper workout plan and structure is important to me. I had a terrible experience with all of them as they didn't listen to my specific needs and monitor my progress and just ended up "breaking me" for the week ahead. instead of building me up slowly with proper form and guidance with workouts specifically tailored to my needs. whenever I have questions needed an explanation he never made me feel stupid for asking instead educated me cause there is so much misinformation out there. and as far as his price point which to me isn't as important as the quality of trainer but that's me. its the most affordable from any of the trainers I have had for what he provides .he has a full gym set up and an online platform as well . long story short he is an excellent trainer for really whatever your goals are from beginner to body builder . you cant go wrong with adam i will be staying with him for as long as he will have me.

Justin Mallouk

Adam's Client for still training