Our approach is All about the 3 pillar system.

  • Body Mechanics
  • Nutrition
  • Mindset

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Here’s How It Works:

During the 90 days an online fitness training program is created specifically for your needs. And this is what you can expect.

- Body Mechanics

The very first thing we’ll be working on together is dialing in the perfect training regimen for your lifestyle so it’s sustainable long term and simple to follow. we focus on the mind to muscle connection in training so you can gain results and get energy back in the fastest way possible.

- Nutrition

Dealing with the daily demands of family, kids and work responsibilities - it can be hard to find the time for the right food plan to hit your goals on top.

we’ll be focusing on your nutrition regimen for an optimal diet that gives you energy while helping you to lose weight and build muscle. We’ll be looking into not only what you eat, but when to eat it during the day so you don’t end up getting drained by noon or stuck in energy cycles that end in hard crashes.

- Mindset

Now that you have your nutrition and training dialed in specific to your lifestyle, it’s time to ensure it stays consistent.

We do this by providing you with mindset habits to follow that creates long lasting change so that you don’t bounce back to where you were before. We will also provide ongoing accountability and support so you can overcome any challenges that are destined to arise and maintain results. It takes work to not only get the results you desire, but also to maintain them with consistent habits

Results From Our Clients:

“Basically, I just wanted help losing weight and I had several trainers before adam and a few of them were good as they would teach me how to properly exercise and give me a meal plan and exercise plan with that. But I felt like I could never lose the weight I wanted. Part of it was my fault to as I should have listened more. Well with Adam he held me accountable and his expertise in nutrition and workout out showed that much more. You could see the plans for my nutrition and workouts were that much better. I fell off a bit since but Adam definitely helped me reach my goals and educated me along the way so I can have this knowledge forever.”

~ Franka Devela

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