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A to Z Body Fitness


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What you will receive
  • Personalized meal plan, meal options that will fit in your target calorie ranges
  • Options for snacks and full meals
  • Personalized workout/ cardio plan
  • Supplement guide
  • Cell number for text between 10 am to 6 pm
  • Once Monthly, up to 45 minutes 1 on 1 facetime call
  • 3 of my self-growth E-books (included for free)
  • Weekly check-ins
  • 24/7 email support
  • Access to video database (in development)


Dear action taker

I’m sure by now you have tried several programs that have promised the world and have not delivered. Unfortunately, that seems to be how some parts of the fitness industry have become.

I’m sure you have come across nonsensical things such as cutting out carbs, cutting out sugar because it makes you fat, going on a 500-calorie diet, just weightlifting is enough to lose weight, and a host of all other stuff that is just garbage.

However, here we only talk about facts.

And the fact of the matter is, if you truly want to experience success and change your body, it’s going to require a dramatically different approach from what’s currently being thrown around on social media.

My approach to fitness and nutrition is still about eating good-tasting food while maintaining your calories and working out to be the best version of yourself. Because this is all we can ever as of ourselves.

We want to, of course, eat food we still enjoy while losing weight by watching our calories.

And create progressive overload when we work out, so we see continued results through weight loss, muscle definition, and strength gains.

And this is what I will help you even further achieve through my online coaching program.

Put simply, if you follow the protocols given then your chance of success is guaranteed.

So, you might be wondering, what do I get with an atozbodyfitness V.I.P?


Personalized meal plan, meal options that will fit in your target calorie ranges

Every 30 days you’ll receive a different set of meals for your nutrition program that will fit your calories in your workout plan.

Further, it comes complete with personalized meal plans for both workout and non-workout days, food lists, and you also have the ability to swap out meals very easily as they will be close to one another’s calorie count.


Personalized workout/ cardio plan

You’ll get a detailed workout program that is updated every 30 days.

I do this to make sure you are constantly progressing and creating progressive overload.

It doesn’t matter if you are working out from home or from a gym, this workout plan is tailored to fit your workout space and will work with what you have available to you.


Supplement Guide

Many people waste money on supplements they either don’t need to take or that aren’t doing anything for them.

A supplement guide will be included in your program with suggestions on which supplements you personally should take and why you should take them and what the supplements will do for you.

Not everyone needs to take everything under the sun when working out.

This is why I provide this for people so they know what they should be taking at this current time in their fitness journey.


Monthly 45-minute face time assessment

It’s important to have someone staying on top of your progress but also keep track of accountability and motivate you.

Our monthly up-to 45 minute 1-on-1 facetime call will not only allow you to better understand where your progress is but also allow me to better help you.

An overhaul of where you are at, what problems you have faced, and just a run-down of everything so far for the month is discussed.

A plan on how to proceed forward is then talked about which is based on the conversation from the 1-on1 call.

Accountability is crucial for success and is a big part of why my clients always do well regarding their programs.


Weekly check-ins

As I have said before accountability is very important.

It allows for the client to stay on top of their routine and helps to keep them motivated and remember the reason why they started in the first place.

every week there will be a check-in regarding your progress through email.

How your week went, the positives you had, the negatives you went through, and more accountability and positive reinforcement.

And, if there is anything else fitness-related that would need to be talked about from your end, then fire away.

I can’t stress enough how important accountability which is why I implement it in different ways in my clients’ programs.


24/7 email support

If you ever have any questions regarding anything in respect to the training program or about any of the services I provide, please don’t hesitate to email me and I’ll get back to you within a 24-hour range or less.

It’s important to me that you have your questions answered as best as possible as I want you to feel comfortable knowing you are going to be taken care of when purchasing any one of my services.