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A to Z Body Fitness


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What you will receive

  • Meal options that will fit in your target calorie ranges
  • Options for snacks
  • Personalized workout/cardio plan
  • Cardio recommendations
  • Supplement guide
  • 3 of my mindset self-growth E-books (included for free)
  • My “power inside you – An Intro to Your Health” E-book (included for free)
  • Video explanations
  • Check-ins every 2 weeks

I know when I first started to workout it took me a bit of time to find my footing and eventually, I did. But if I had someone there to help steer me in the right direction it could have saved me some time. This is why I have a program for people who are literally just starting to work out with no experience whatsoever.

It’s important to not only make sure you are moving in a progressive and growth direction, but you need to understand how to perform the exercises correctly as well. With this package, I will build you a plan that will show you and teach you the foundational exercises no matter what your strengths or limitations are.

This is a completely custom plan that includes options for snacks and full meals which fit inside your caloric range, a workout/cardio routine, a supplement guide, short but concise workout video explanations, and official check-ins every two weeks for progression and accountability.

When you sign up for your plan, you will be directed to another page that will ask you a host of questions that you need to fill out. It will gather all your info and help me design your custom plan that’s tailored just for you.  Once this is completed, your package will be sent to you within a 48-hour range straight to your email. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all-plan”. Everything is tailored to what you require for your plan to be a success.

Throughout the 8 weeks, you have 24/7 email support and are free to ask any questions or concerns about your plan at any time you like. In order to track your success and for you to also visibly see your progress, on the very first day, hold up a sign that says week 1 – day 1 and then week 8 – day 7 at the end, on the last day of the plan. Accountability and motivation are key and when you see the changes you have made through these pictures, it WILL motivate you, even more, to keep going further. If it’s needed, I will gladly make any adjustments necessary to your plan on your check-in days which again is every two weeks.

My goal is to help you improve your health and body. I provide the motivation and guidance while you just follow your routine. If you are satisfied and would like to continue you will have the option to renew once the initial 8 weeks are over or of course purchase another plan.

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or gain strength, this plan can be used for anything as it is tailored to fit your needs!