Discipline breeds success

Discipline breeds success

If there is one thing I knew from when I was a kid but only started applying,


In a more structured way from my mid-twenties is that


Discipline breeds success.


It really does.


It doesn’t matter if you enjoy doing something or not.


It comes back down to how much discipline and structure you have about doing it.


That alone over time will determine if you become successful at it.


You can take any single example you can think of,


And apply this to it and on a general spectrum, it is the truth.


Of course, there are always other detailed variants involved when wanting,


To be successful at something.


But it always comes back down to discipline.


And if you don’t have discipline then you very simply won’t be successful.


Now some of you for the life of you really don’t have any structure and,


Can’t seem to stay discipline long enough to see success.


Whatever success is in your eyes anyway.


And that’s because of two things.


One is not having a structured plan around what you are doing.


And two, once you understand that, as I said above, it doesn’t,


Matter whether you like doing something or you hate doing something,


It just comes back to the little bit of time you put into it every day,


You’ll realize it's not hard to start and see some success.


Because it becomes a continued structured regimen you do little by little every day,


Until you see success.


And therefore, I always like to use bodybuilding as an example.


Because for me personally, that’s something I still do every day, and I have seen results in.


It took me years to be able to attain the knowledge and build the frame I have now.


And, with no short number of problems along the way either.


But it was the consistent amount of work I applied every day.


The constant idea of wanting to learn more and apply that learned knowledge,


And knowing that I would always achieve my goals if I kept at it.


I was fortunate enough to have good teachers and people I could learn from as well.


But even if you don’t there is an array of information out there you can sift through.


But also knowing that muscle takes time to build, and it takes time to put on mass.


Day after day and year after year I just kept working out and applying the knowledge I learned.


And along the way, I would always learn more and keep applying it as well.


And over time I grew from 145lbs to now around 195lbs.


The most muscular I got was 215lbs, but I felt like that was too heavy and realized,


I feel and can move better at about 190lbs to 195lbs.


So, if people could just take away the idea of wanting to learn everything right NOW,


And just put in the way day after day and not give up,


Then slowly they would start to get the success they are looking for.


But it all comes back down to discipline to get there.


And realizing discipline involves staying focused and taking time


And knowing that discipline breeds success.


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist. This is all from the experience I have gained through myself and through schooling I have taken from a health and fitness course. Through my videos, I share my personal and educational experience that I have acquired over the past years of training individuals through fitness and nutrition.


And as always, I strive to help as much as I can through fitness education utilizing all my social media platforms.


My passion for fitness guides me to give people the help they need in whatever way I can.


If you have been able to find the information, I release helpful then I’m happy I was able to serve you.


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