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Ever since I can remember, I have always had a passion for health and fitness. To be able to help people reach their goals of becoming the best version of themselves is what I always have loved to help people achieve. I found my passion for weightlifting when I was eighteen years old. I was already working out for about six months at this time and had built a small passion for it, but the main reason why I had decided to take weightlifting more seriously was that I had developed scoliosis when I was fourteen. Soon after this diagnosis, I had no choice but to wear a body brace for the next two and a half years of my life.

The brace, which seemed more like a piece of armor, encased my body from my neck down to my waist making it difficult to be mobile. If this wasn’t already hard enough I was only able to take it off for one hour a day, which I would use to shower and stretch. Eventually, my specialist cleared me to permanently remove the brace, freeing my body from the contraction of it. The doctor had highly recommended that I keep weightlifting to strengthen the muscles around my spine to help my curvature even more. But there was one thing he had said that day that continued to bother me for some time after; he had told me I would never be able to lift heavy weights because of the stress I had endured from scoliosis.

I could go to the gym and lift weights but very lightly. Hearing this didn’t sit well with me because I felt as though I was going to be limited and would not be able to excel in the area of weightlifting.

I spent the next few years surpassing his expectations and proving his diagnosis wrong. Since then, I have grown from 145lbs to now 200lbs. I ended up involving myself in strength training and Olympic lifting, which helped me increase my physical size and gain the strength I own today.

Over the next few years, I dedicated myself to learn everything there is to know about the art of bodybuilding. During my early 20s, I competed in three bodybuilding shows which helped expose me to another more serious and dedicated angle of bodybuilding.

Doing these shows allowed me to be a part of a culture that helped further my education and gain more experience which ultimately created a stronger passion for the sport I love. After partaking in these competitions, I found stepping onto a stage wasn’t for me. I realized I wanted to focus purely on bodybuilding for myself by continuing to learn what I can.

No more "one-size fits all" workouts, just a custom plan.

At the age of twenty-four, I built up a clientele for the next two years and trained people in their homes. This equipped me with the experience to train people in unusual settings, sometimes using what we had available to complete a workout. It also allowed me to better understand and relate to people with all different emotions and states in their fitness journeys. I helped all my clients engage in different types of fitness for various reasons that they all individually owned. During this time I wanted to continue to further my education, so I decided on taking a one-year advanced program at Sheridan College – Fundamentals of Fitness Leadership. This gave me an even greater concrete understanding of the principles of personal training. I learned everything from anatomy to health, and wellness to group class instructing. I became mentally empowered which helped me become a better asset to my clients. Still feeling like I wanted to further my education, shortly after I decided to attend York University for a semester to study organic chemistry and take a course in nutrition to help strengthen my nutritional knowledge. During this time, I was working as a personal trainer at a local gym and served numerous amounts of clients to help them reach their personal fitness goals. I eventually returned to school to attend an athletic therapy course that enabled me with the ability to help my clients as much as possible when it came to rehabilitation.

The process of this allowed me to discover my true intentions of coaching: I not only want to help my clients physically, but I also want to empower them mentally and spiritually. I understand for some people, it’s not easy to want to change your ways of life. Whether you are starting at home or in a gym, it can be a difficult and intimidating process. But my role is to help you break out of this shell so that you can influence your own positive changes in your life. This is a big reason why I love what I do. If you have already been working out for a period of time, that’s great too! Because I am confident I can always help someone reach their peak, or push them to a higher threshold of training that they have not mentally or physically experienced yet. I dedicate myself to helping my clients in any way possible leveraging the experience and education I have built up over the last ten years to be used at their disposal.

You just need to remember why you are doing this and what is your end goal is. When you fully understand your WHY, you will be much better prepared to finally take the leap and elevate your health to its next level. So, what do you say? Now’s the time to start. Let’s get started.

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