How a Personal Trainer Can Succeed at Getting Clients In their Gym

How a Personal Trainer Can Succeed at Getting Clients In their Gym

If you’re starting off as a personal trainer in a gym near you then congratulations.


I’m sure you have good intentions, and you hope to help people achieve their goals and better themselves.


I mean you shouldn’t want to get into this business for the sole purpose of making money because you’ll soon realize it's harder than you may think.


You should be doing this to want to help people better themselves.


You are supposed to be the professional. You are supposed to be the one who is showing them the way to now only just to lose weight but to understand their body, teach them how to properly exercise, show them the right way about nutrition, etc.


Although I feel as though the industry is saturated with trainers who don’t know enough or as much as they should because they either just take a weekend certificate course or think it’s just about getting people to just move to lose weight.


It’s really a lot more than that and it takes a long time to develop the skills necessary to help someone achieve their goals as you will come across many people with different areas that need to be helped in their lives.


But if you stay In the business long enough, you will most likely have worked or will be working at a gym at some point in your career.


And to be successful at getting a roster of clients you need to be able to play the long game to be successful.


1 – Talk, talk, and talk. You need to run the floor. Talk to people. Introduce yourself to new members and old members alike. Let them know you are around and come off as an authority as someone that can help them with their training goals.


More people in the gym are too scared to ask questions than you know of, so by you showing yourself as someone who is easy to approach it becomes easy for them to come and ask you.


2 – map out the times it's busiest in your gym. By doing this you can start to see a trend of a pattern of people who come in and what they are trying to do. it allows you to increase your chances of people you are able to approach and help.


3 – look at a person’s body language. It might not always be the case, but from my experience, a person who chooses to lump around and move slowly generally doesn’t know what they are doing or is just intimidated.


By approaching them and striking up a conversation, you are opening yourself to them as a person that could help. Even if they don’t choose to listen to you, down the line they’ll remember you and possibly come back later for help.


4 – keep an eye out for the same people who don’t get results. Is there someone who you see hasn’t lost weight or maybe an individual who still hasn’t gotten stronger.


There could be a person that still performs the same exercise wrong weeks later. These were signs I looked for as a trainer in a gym and helped me to pinpoint new clients.


I basically talked about frustrations that they were having themselves and needed answers to. All I did was the approach and give them an idea of what they were doing wrong.


5 – make a call list from your gym's database and call people to offer them a free session. Once a week I would call twenty to thirty people and offer them a free training session. There are guaranteed thousands of people who go to your gym which gives you an opportunity to get people in by calling them and possibly turning them into a sale.


6 – do a raffle. Once a month, we would host a raffle in our gym where people would drop their name into a bin and we would select five or so winners.


The raffle winners would receive a shirt and bottle along with two free sessions and an overview of their nutrition. If this is executed properly then it would almost always bring the person to buy sessions. It would show them that we cared about them, which we did, and also show them how I could help them achieve their fitness goals.


7 – hold free seminars. I had success with holding free seminars in the gym's spin classroom when it wasn’t being used. In this seminar, you could do whatever you like.


Tell people about nutrition, how to create a proper workout program, it can be anything. I would show people the importance of stretching and how it can avoid injuries and better your results.


Or I would host a class to teach people the basics. At the end of the session, I would offer them a free demo session if they wanted to further understand more of what I was teaching. And then from there, I would sell them. It’s all about how you approach a person’s issue.


8 – become friends with your sales team. Get to know your co-workers. Although I think everyone should be getting along regardless of your position, it's important to be on good terms with everyone. It goes back to the saying; you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.


9 – get the interested person a session right away. If you have someone who wants to have a session with you then do it right away. You want to build on the person's momentum of passion for wanting to better themselves and you want to serve them right away because of it. Sometimes people s ideas change once they leave so if you can, help them then and there.


10 – don’t stop learning. Always be willing to learn new things. You can never know enough and there will always be something you come across that you aren’t sure of. Experience will be your best teacher but learning through knowledge will go a long way for you to.


11 – get known for something. Eventually, you want to be known for something as a trainer. At the start, you will most likely take anyone you can get and help them achieve their goals, and you can still keep going that in your later years as well.


But you want to start to niche down after and be known for something more specific so people will know that you have become the authority in that particular area and will know to come to you.


12 – don’t be afraid of criticism. Take feedback constructively. Remember that you are a nobody. You need to build yourself up and prove why you are the person to go to.

So, if someone or multiple people are saying the same thing about you or something you are doing during your training then take it with a smile. Put your ego away as that will only lose you money.


One thing to remember is that people will get drawn to you emotionally. They will like you for who you are as a person and of course want you to understand their feelings as they are human beings.


But more importantly, they want to know that you can deliver results. As nice as you are, if you can’t give them what they want then they will go to someone else.


Following these rules will help you along the way succeeding to get clients to your gym. Remember to you need to have an approachable personality and be wanting to help people.


Always be willing to help whenever and wherever you can.


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist. This is all from the experience I have gained through myself and through schooling I have taken from a health and fitness course. Through my videos, I share my personal and educational experience that I have acquired over the past years of training individuals through fitness and nutrition.


As always, I strive to help as much as I can by bringing you fitness education through means of all my social media platforms. My passion for fitness guides me to give people the help they need in whatever way I can. If you have been able to find the information I release helpful then I’m happy I was able to serve you.

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