How to stay fit when traveling?

How to stay fit when traveling?

People always ask me how do I stay fit while traveling?


Or what can I do when I travel?


Or better yet they don’t want to do anything at all


But how to stay fit when traveling isn’t that hard.


Well, here’s the thing.


You should still be working out while you travel.


Because it becomes a lifestyle therefore you should be doing something.


I can feel the eyes rolling now.


But hear me out.


You don’t need to find a gym and go off like you usually do when you are here.


You can do a smaller workout in your hotel room.


Or wherever you’re staying.


I mean most hotels these days have gyms in them.


See it all depends on how long you’re vacationing and when you started working out.


If you have been working out for a long time.


Never miss a day.


And consistently eat healthily.


Then you can probably get away without doing it.


Although people who work out a lot will still probably work out on vacation.


I know I do.


I never miss a session.


But if you are someone who has just started to work out.


And you know your willpower isn’t that strong.


Especially when it's going to come to taste all that delicious, cultured food.


Concerning where you are going off course.


Then you should be working out.


Id even goes as far as to say you still need to watch what you eat.


But I know people are going o argue back on that.


But at least you should still be working out.


You have put hard work into trying to achieve your goals.


Whatever they may be.


So, dedicate some time to your workout regimen.


Even something as little as a half-hour.


Can go a long way.


If your current workout plan involves using machines in the gym.


Then just do bodyweight stuff.


Or better yet bring some bands like I do and utilize those.


If it’s a sunny and beautiful resort.


Get up a little earlier and go for a run.


Come back and do somebody-weight exercises.


And then go off and have fun.


That doesn’t have to be every day on your vacation.


But if you’re vacationing for one week,


3, half-hour sessions won’t hurt you.


It’ll help at least to keep stimulating your muscles.


And keep them activated.


Your weight loss will depend on what you burn.


But it's something.


So, think about it next time you’re on vacation.


I mean even after having all those drinks, getting up earlier isn’t that bad.


I mean unless you got plastered the night before.


Then I can understand why you’d want to sleep in a little longer.


But again, how to stay fit while traveling is up to you and your choice alone.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist. This is all from the experience I have gained through myself and through schooling I have taken from a health and fitness course. Through my videos, I share my personal and educational experience that I have acquired over the past years of training individuals through fitness and nutrition.


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