Next Big Thing in Fitness

Next Big Thing in Fitness

The fitness industry is ever-changing and evolving with everything from new exercise programs gaining popularity to new supplements being brought to your attention.

But I can just hear you saying to yourself now…but how am I ever going to keep up with everything like there’s just so much to look at? Look I get you, there’s a lot to understand BUT…. let’s just focus on one thing at a time.

And for now, I’m going to gladly hell y’all out again by coming across the top fitness programs and also supplements so far in 2020 that has been killing it in the market.

The fitness industry is a 100-billion-dollar industry with a lot to offer so let’s dissect and see if some of these trends, products and see if they could be something that could work for you, shall we?


Active Recovery

Active recovery, which is a combination of stretching, dynamic movements, and known practices such as yoga, have been growing in popularity amongst people in 2019 and especially 2020.

People are starting to understand the importance of not only building muscle and fat loss but also the other means of exercise that will help keep your body flexible and limber.

Studies have shown that stretching which increases elasticity in the muscles helps to prolong the durability of our body.

Simply put as we age, we slowly die, and active recovery exercises is a way to help slow the process down and help


Functional Fitness

Functional fitness has been becoming more popular in the last five years and has made a major staple for itself in the last two.

People want to be more flexible and functional while building muscle which is why the average person puts themselves into combined exercises with high intensity.

The idea is to combine exercises such as walking lunges while adding in a shoulder press or a dumbbell curl. Combining exercises like this will not only maximize your time and effort but also get you sweating fast.

it's another great way to build lean muscle while chopping away at that body fat.  



People want shorter workouts as they have busier lives to lead but still want to keep the intensity. Look no further because Hiit is the way to do it.

The great thing about HIIT is not only does doing it will get your heart pumping and body sweating, but you can come up with so many different ways of utilizing it.

HIIT can be used while lifting weights or incorporated into a full-body workout or even during a functional fitness session or something such as biking.

It’s a really effective way to not just lose weight but also to keep your heart strong and body fit.


At Home Sessions

Peloton in home has been gaining more popularity because of the recent COVID outbreak.

Gyms are closed and people are stuck at home so what better way to get yourself involved again in a workout other than the peloton system.

Whether it's on your tablet, phone you can get involved with their coordinated workouts straight in your home. They’ll even send you one of their peloton bikes or treadmills with their built-in tv screens and workouts


Park Workouts

If you’ve been tired of working out, park workouts are not only fun, but you can work out with a group of people while enjoying the views and getting some fresh air.

It’s a nice change of scenery and with the sun out you’ll definitely sweat more than you did while inside. Bring a couple of resistance bands and away you go!   



Biggest supplement trends so far in 2020 according to Nutritionists


Bone Marrow

Bone marrow supplements are rising in popularity and provide benefits from skin health to reduced pain.

Collagen and glucosamine content inside the bone marrow make it ideal for skin elasticity and fighting against any inflammation in the body.

Other things It contains are stem cells that develop into red blood cells, white blood cells, or platelets, which are involved in oxygen transportation, immune function, and blood clotting.



Watermelon offers an array of micronutrients such as magnesium, copper potassium and folic acid, and more. They are rich in amino acids, proteins, and high in vitamin B complex.

Watermelon seeds are linked to strengthening your immunity system which is the main defense against sickness and better health and helping with hypertension, improving heart health.

Consuming watermelon seeds daily could contribute to boosting heart health and maintaining blood pressure.

Watermelon seed oil is also widely used within cosmetics products to treat the early signs of aging. The seeds are packed with antioxidants providing the skin with a healthier look due to the presence of fatty acids.



Similar to turmeric has a yellow color to it and boasts a wide variety of uses. Other than being used for cooking, it helps with everything from dealing with inflammation to enhancing mood to increased energy and to also help boost metabolism.

Saffron has also been said to help treat Alzheimer’s and depression and may act as an appetite suppressant and possibly aid in weight loss.

There are many things that this little wonder spice has many benefits to it but keep in mind not all of them have had full testing but there have been many claims by people to help support its positive properties.



Moringa powder is derived from moringa leaves, hailing from Africa and Asia. It is one of the most nutrient-rich plants in the world packed with tons of nutrients and has a spinach green-like taste.

Out of the many things in its stats, it is made up of roughly 25% plant protein which includes 9 essential amino acids, is fiber-rich, and is a good source of vitamins K, E, A, and Calcium.

Moringa is a natural source of these nutrients, so our bodies absorb them a lot easier rather than taking synthetic supplements.

Moringa has been used in vegan diets to help supplement the lack of iron and helps in tiredness and fatigue. It also helps with repairing cell damage and destroying free radicals in the body.



Nootropics have been on the rise for the last two years now and have finally taken off in 2020.

These little guys are a variety of drugs or supplements that help to improve the cognitive functions of the brain such as memory, mood, creativity, and motivation in people.

There’s a wide range of nootropics ae believe it or they have been around for a while. Their supplementations which has a combination of natural ingredients and there’s also the pharmaceutical kind.



Nothing new here from everyone’s favorite pick-me-up-in-the-morning drink. Caffeine is a natural nootropic that, as you guessed it, gives you energy, alertness, and assertiveness.



continuing with the natural nootropics train, L-theanine is another nootropic that does several good things for your well-being. It helps with mental focus; it improves your sleep over time of using it and can help increase serotonin in the brain which affects your mood.


Many people attest to this claim but one thing to remember is there is currently no high amount of research for L-theanine.


Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri, also called Brahmi, is a staple plant in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

It mainly grows in underwater and wet tropical environments and has been used heavily by Bacopa by Ayurvedic medical practitioners for centuries for a variety of purposes, including improving memory, reducing anxiety, and treating epilepsy.

It helps to relieve such issues as anxiety and stress and boost brain function. Other than these alleviation properties it has, Bacopa Monnieri also helps to free the body of radicals, possibly reduce inflammation in the body, help control ADHD, and low blood pressure.

This herb has many properties and had possibly helped in many ways as some people have claimed it helped them.


Ginkgo Biloba

This herb in recent years has been widely used by many for the properties that help to increase the cognitive functions in your brain.

Like Bacopa Monnieri, Ginkgo helps to destroy free radicals in the body, fight inflammation against diseases such as heart disease and high blood pressure and improve circulation of the heart.

What it really shines in though is helping to reduce symptoms of dementia and increase your memory, treat migraines and asthma.

It’s a powerful herb that has powerful healing properties and antioxidants that help your body when taken over the course of time.



Noopept is a synthetic smart drug that can be purchased as a supplement that gives you a temporary and slight boost to your cognitive abilities.

It will cause you to feel more alert, be aware, and have increased focus.

Unlike some of the natural nootropics, the effects of Noopept can be felt within minutes, rather than hours or days and can last for several hours.

Human research has found that this smart drug helps people recover more quickly from brain injuries, but more studies are needed to understand how it might be used as a nootropic in healthy adults.

So here you have a list of hot new fitness trends along with the news supplements that have been making their way so far in 2020.

So what do you think you will try first? To be honest it depends on what you like and what goals are right for you but whatever path you choose to take it's still a step in the right direction.


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist. This is all from the experience I have gained through myself and through schooling. Through my videos, I share my personal and educational experience that I have acquired over the past years of training individuals through fitness and nutrition.


As always, I strive to help as much as I can by bringing you fitness education through means of all my social media platforms. My passion for fitness guides me to give people the help they need in whatever way I can. If you have been able to find the information I release helpful then I’m happy I was able to serve you.

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