Is fruit sugar bad for you?

Is fruit sugar bad for you?’s not bad for you.


fruit sugar in general is fine.


The mixed-up concept is that people automatically label sugar a bad thing


And think it causes too many bad issues for your body.


And the reality is, it’s the total calories over time you eat.


It's not just sugar by itself


So is fruit sugar bad for you? No, it’s not.


If we look at fruit a bit more in-depth


You’ll see fruit, in general, is perfectly fine for you.


Unless you have a specific health issue like diabetes,


Where you need to monitor your sugar intake,


You are fine to eat fruit regardless of how much sugar it has.


But just to clarify,


Even a diabetic can have fruit.


As I said they need to watch their sugar intake because


Because now when they have too much sugar and that sugar gets into the bloodstream


It signals the release of insulin from the pancreas which will cause more issues for the body.


But before that happens, it’s the total calories and food intake in general that led to that point for a type 2 diabetic.


A type 1 diabetic is born with it from birth, so they have to regulate their sugar intake from when they are born.


But it is not specifically sugar itself that causes someone to get type 2 diabetes. It’s the total number


Of calories, they ate over time that attributed to them to this by always overloading their pancreas.


So sugar itself is not bad for you.


As long as you are working out, doing anaerobic and aerobic exercises,


While of course eating nutritionally healthy, you will be ok.


And the same goes for eating fruit.


Fruit in general, any fruit, will have a content base of roughly anywhere between 50% to 80% water.

Meaning they are half or mainly made up of water, with the rest of it being sugar.


You might be saying “but that’s still a lot of sugar even if half a fruit is made up of water.


Well, it really isn’t because fruit in general is low in calories.


And calories Is made up of the macros you eat


Which is either protein, carbs, or fats.


And sugar is a simple chained carbohydrate.


So as an example


If you take a regular red apple.


Its calorie content is going to be between roughly 50 to 80 calories,


Depending on the size.


At most you’re going to have around 20g of sugar in that apple, give or take.


And that’s if the apple is 80 calories.


That’s a low amount.


But the more important thing is the calories.


They are really low.


So, there is nothing to fear from eating fruit.


The other thing that has been argued is


That fruit is made up of fructose and glucose.


Now for really bad diabetics, their doctors might tell them to stay off fruit,


Or heavily limit their fruits because of the simple reason of glucose.


Glucose will raise your blood sugar levels


Which is something diabetics need to maintain


Whereas fructose doesn’t raise it.


To be honest from my experience and what I have learned,


Anything you eat releases insulin, some more than others.


But to stay on topic, there have been some poorly made studies that have said


Having too much fructose s bad for your health


And can cause insulin resistance.


That’s just ridiculous because as I have said


Anything you eat will and is going to release insulin regardless


It just matters about your weight and what health issues you have like diabetes


Or like diabetes that will cause your insulin to act out of normalcy.


But other than this, it's just not true.


Because fruit is high in water as I have stated and also low in calories


And is also made up of more than one sugar,


The amount of fruit you would need to eat to possibly get


An insulin deficiency is just impossible because no one would be able


To ingest that amount of fruit for that amount of time over a long period.


And to top it off, there have been other studies done saying they have found,


No insulin repression from taking in fructose.


And from my from my own schooling and experience I can agree to that.


So don’t be scared of eating fruit because it has sugar.


Sugar is not the enemy.


Especially low-calorie fruit.


People don’t want to hear it or just like to make things more complicated than what it is.


It always comes back to your calories


And what you put in your body that matters.


So, to answer one last time


is fruit sugar bad for you


no, it’s not.


So don’t be afraid to eat it just because it has sugar in it.


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist. This is all from the experience I have gained through myself and through schooling. Through my videos, I share my personal and educational experience that I have acquired over the past years of training individuals through fitness and nutrition.


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