How to Lose Weight at Christmas

How to Lose Weight at Christmas

So, this time of the year a lot of people of course get together for the holidays.

Whether you are celebrating Christmas or just going to be a part of it, there is going to be one to a few parties you will attend that will have enough calories involved.


And the term came Christmas weight. People tend to splurge around this time when it comes to their eating. And how could you not! The food you will most likely be eating is going o be tasting so great and flavourful because it's Christmas. whoever is cooking, you included, will be making sure to prepare an extra special meal.


So, every time around this year I always get questions such as well “how do I stop myself from eating too much?” Or statements like, “because it's so hard to say no to the food I end up eating a lot”. Or something along those lines.


But regardless of what people ask, I want to reverse the idea on you. If you watch your eating year-round, you should be able to enjoy Christmas and its meals. that’s if you are someone who cares about being healthy and wanting to lose weight.


Because Christmas eve and Christmas day dinners and such should not make or break your weight or results if you have been watching it the rest of the year.


That’s why even other holidays such as easter and thanksgiving are ok as well because again if you are making your health and fitness a priority and somewhat of a lifestyle then you won’t have to worry about a few days out of the year.


And the discussion on what that means for everyone is different and I’m not going to get into that because that is another discussion in itself.


But the long and truthful answer of it is, you shouldn’t have to worry because it's just one to a few days. Even if you continue to work out during these days, you’ll somewhat balance the weight gain out, especially if you are already an active person during the day as well.


But aside from that, there are a couple of other things you can do to help stop you from chowing down so much.


One would be to control your portioning. I know that is not what someone wants to hear but if you worried so much about eating a lot then you’ll have to put a stop after the first plate.


Another thing you can do is slow down you’re eating. You have likely starved yourself for the day because you can’t wait to gobble down Mom's amazing cooking. Although we can’t wait for this, because the hormone ghrelin is likely going off in your body (the hungry feeling you get when you're REALLY hungry) your going to eat twice as much. And considering this is a holiday for you know the food is going to taste great, you’ll likely eat more than that.


Try to crave more of that hunger with lower-calorie foods on the dinner table such as veggies and certain meats. If you’re going in for seconds and thirds have more of those foods and limit the higher calorie ones such as the mash potatoes, gravy, or whatever it is that will be on your dinner table this Christmas.


Also, have a big glass of water after your first meal. Water will fill up and expand your stomach and cause you to feel fuller. It also helps to limit how much you eat and is a great way to keep you from eating more.


Now you might be thinking, but I just can’t help myself and I want to enjoy this or these dinners as it's once a year.


Well, if you start to take your fitness and even just your health more seriously during the rest of the year then you won’t have to worry about Christmas or any other holiday so much. Because it’s the constant practice of living a better lifestyle that will allow you to be able to enjoy certain times of the year without feeling so guilty about it.


And if you ever need someone to show you how to do this, by building you a custom plan just for you, then head over to and allow me to get you started on the right footing.


But my final answer is when it comes to how to lose weight at Christmas, it is a year-round thing. It always comes back to how well you treat your body year-round and how serious you decide to take your health.


None the less have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the time you have with your families!

Disclaimer: Adam is not a doctor nor a nutritionist. This is all from the experience Adam has gained through himself and through schooling. Through his videos, Adam shares his personal and educational experience that he has acquired over the past years of training individuals through fitness and nutrition. Adam would strongly recommend you see your physician before starting or completing any exercise program. You should be in good physical condition to participate in the exercises which are why consulting your physician would be recommended.


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