From Start to Present

From Start to Present

I had come across some old pictures of myself from years back so I thought it would be kind of cool to show the progress of muscle growth over 11 years. It was fascinating for me to see how the progress has happened.


Now keep in mind this is only one angle. It's too bad I didn’t have multiple pictures of the same angles because that would have been even better to see. I have to go digging through my phone and old photos a little more. But we'll save that for another time if I do come across it.


In the first picture, I was 22 and was in preparation for a show I was going to do. so, I was shredded down a bit more than I usually would have but it wasn’t that far off from what I would normally walk around it. Not too much anyway.


The second photo is of me at age 25 which is what I generally looked like.


And the third was today at age 33.


You can see the progression of size and muscle that has accumulated over the number of years. This takes time and effort and is something I try to tell people all the time. people, especially guys, think they can take some sort of shortcut to do this, but you can’t. Of course, there is a steady progression that happens over time, but you get the idea of what I mean. It takes consistent effort and the right methods of executing exercises correctly and doing so for months and years.


And in case anyone is wondering because from time to time I do get this question. No, I haven’t or am not taking any type of gear/steroids or testosterone. Although I did tell myself when I hit my 50s if I feel as though I would want or need to take it'd explore that area, I have never done any. But to touch base on this a bit further, it doesn’t matter, and I don’t know why people have such an infatuation with having to ask the question when they see someone in muscular shape. Well, I do to an extent, it's because they want to use that as an excuse as to why they haven’t been able to achieve that physique and use the excuse of the individual taking steroids to make themselves feel better.


But if anyone who is asking that questions had any idea how this whole process of creating muscle growth works, you would know then that question ultimately is a futile question because whether you are on gear, or multiple amounts of gear or are natural or have been on and off it, etc., you should know that it comes back to have consistent action in the gym and also your nutrition.


You still have to get up, plan your day, set up a routine, walk into a gym or a facility that have the means for you to workout, workout properly by accurately stimulating your muscle to create muscle growth and also performing the exercises properly, and repeatedly doing this over and over again for months and years while creating progressive overload over time.


The other thing I would say to people that use this as an excuse is well then go do some yourself. Go take any gear and stay on it and work out the way you have been working out. And I can guarantee you with some people, or even most people's work ethic and lack of consistency that they will still be at square one with their physique. And it's because there was never any real plan and consistent action, to begin with.


But the main point I wanted to get across in this photo is that it takes time for progression to happen. It takes consistent effort but if you are still with it you can see the results you want. Too many people want this instantaneous when you need to put in the time to see the results.


And if you're looking to get results for yourself and you have been struggling to love to chat and get you started on your way to getting you to reach your goals.

Disclaimer: Adam is not a doctor nor a nutritionist. This is all from the experience Adam has gained through himself and through schooling. Through his videos, Adam shares his personal and educational experience that he has acquired over the past years of training individuals through fitness and nutrition. Adam would strongly recommend you see your physician before starting or completing any exercise program. You should be in good physical condition to participate in the exercises which are why consulting your physician would be recommended.


As always, I strive to help as much as I can by bringing you fitness education through means of all my social media platforms. My passion for fitness guides me to give people the help they need in whatever way I can. If you have been able to find the information I release helpful then I’m happy I was able to serve you.

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